LoRa Gateway project

A high reliability DIY RPi-based TTN LoRa Gateway

This gateway integration was designed for low cost and high reliability on a Powered-Over-Ethernet Rapspberry Pi 3B+ with uninterruptable power supply and hardware watchdog. Furthermore it can be remotely located and managed whilst being robust against power failures and SD card corruption issues.

This is a very Do_It_Yourself, hands-on project but the end result will be as good, if not better, than any of the expensive commercial LoRa gateway products out there.

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 RAK Wireless: Store | Downloads | Forum
 Beyond Logic's RAK Concentrator Pi HAT
 PoEUPSPi uninterruptable PoE Raspberry-Pi power-supply
 TTN The Things Network
 Gerber file-set for PiCarrier PCB download
 Gerber file-set for PiCarrierEnd PCB download
 We recommend JLCPCB PCB manufacturer.
 Mechanical parts for above: PCB-2-M4 x4 and PCB-9-M4 x2 from Toby Electronics

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